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Dwarves/The Empire & Undead | Stopping the Undead Horde

This Fantasy game was played on 2002-03-25 at Bernd's old place using Warhammer Fantasy Battles, 6th ed.-Rules (set in ' The Old World ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.



I am called Johann the Grey, and I have the pleasure to tell you of a mighty battle which ended in utter Defeat for the enemy.

The Battle I hereby speak of took place in the last summer when dark and evil things began to roam the northern part of our beloved Empire. It was then that some ambitious Vampire Lords woke from their century long sleep and started to bring terror and fear upon respectable farmers and craftsmen.

The local Count's troops tried as best as they could to stem the tide of undead hordes descending on the area, but these attacked on a way to broad front to be countered effectively.

When the trade routes between the Dwarven Stronghold of Karak Norn and the Empire were threatened, an alliance was forged between the stouty Dwarves and the hard pressed Empire troops.

I was dispatched from the tower of the grey wizards as well as a fellow wizard from the college of amber to help the combined force with our magical abilities.

We patrolled the area for nearly two weeks, fighting off small bands of the undead and of the half-living, before we met with the main host and the thrice damned Vampire leading them.

The battle took place near a previously raided small village.

We deployed in a tight formation, a regiment of Dwarven Longbeards in the centre. Thane Torgosch Bloodhammer lead our force and from the centre had the best overview. With him was the armies Battle Standard Bearer. To either side was one regiment of Empire Spearmen, on the left the Blue Company on the right the Red Company. Each of these was supported by a detachment of Halberdiers, deployed at the outer flank and a detachment of Hand Gunners, deployed behind them on the hill, giving them a good view and allowing them to fight the enemy over the heads of the close combat troops. I was with the Red Company's Gunner Detachment, my fellow Amber wizard was with the Blue Companies.

Between the Longbeards and the Red Company was placed a fearsome Hellblaster Volleygun. I have seen this monstrosity in Battle some times now, but it still surprises me what carnage it can deal! It is going to help us a lot against the hordes of bones approaching us.

On the left flank the fearless Dwarven Slayer were eager to close with the enemy, whipping up their emotions with boasts of who would kill the most fearsome enemy.

On the hill besides the Hand Gunners was a unit of Dwarven crossbows, behind them in the centre of the hill stood one Empire Great Cannon and a Dwarven Volleygun. The Dwarven Volleygun is not as effective as our own Hellblaster Volleygun but nonetheless can cause horrendous damage to the enemy. And the Great Cannon, well what can I tell ... it is a Great Cannon!

Opposing us was a fearsome Blood Dragon Vampire Count on a Zombie Dragon, cowardly hiding from our cannons behind a building. Before him stood a Black Coach.

In the centre was a unit of half-living Ghouls, two units of Fell Bats, on the far right side a regiment of Black Nights, lead by a Wight Lord.

Beside them stood a Necromancer. Two units of Dire wolves prowled around at their front, baring their bloody teeth.

Suddenly, a Banshee moved up besides the Necromancer! Sigmar save us!

Order of Battle
Dwarves/The Empire   Undead
[ Bernd/Matthias ]   [ Volker ]


Turn 1
Turn 1 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

Our Dwarven Commander gave the command to attack. According to our pre-planned tactic, the centre of our army held their ground, moving only slightly to get into better positions. The Dwarven Slayers raced, well, as best as they could on the things they call legs, up our left flank.

I concentrated, casting a 'Pit of Shadows'. I targeted the unit of Black Knights, surprisingly I felt no counter-magic by the enemy. Half of the unit fell into the hole! That would give us some time to shoot them up before they can race across the battlefield!

With a massive roar our Great Cannon opened fire on the Black Coach. Unfortunately the Master Gunner miscalculated the range the cannonball falling harmlessly into the ground at the foot of the hill.

Our Gunner troops were not yet in range of the enemy but our Dwarven allies with their crossbows managed to shoot two Dire Wolves from the right unit.

Turn 1 - Undead

The Undead host started advancing. The Black Knights had to creep out of the pit I casted and so they were only able to move some paces beyond that. All other units surged as far forward as possible.

I sensed the Necromancer trying to cast a spell and tried to dispel it. Luckily the Dwarven Runesmith wore the Master Rune of Balance, draining magic energies from the Unliving thereby giving us more strength to dispel their evil magic. With this help I easily succeeded in saving from magical harm - not that I had needed it. I sensed a second attempt but the building up of magical energy suddenly ceased, obviously the Necromancer miscast.

The Zombie Dragon spit fire on the Dwarven Slayers killing two.

Turn 2
Turn 2 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

Now it was our turn to attack. The Hellebardier Detachment on our right flank charged into the advancing fell bats, and I tried again to trap the Black Knights into the Pit of Shadows, unfortunately I did not manage to get the spell of.

Hans, the newest member to the cannon crew, is a rookie, he never was in battle before. I did not exactly see what happened I just heard the Master Gunner shout at him, I assume he let the gun powder get wet. Swearing the master gunner started to clean the barrel.

The Organ Gun fared even worse, when they opened up on the Fell Bats there was a malfunction and the whole cannon blew up!

The Dwarven crossbows finished up the unit of Warges, the two Detachment of Gunners killed 2 in the unit on the left and 4 in the unit of the right.


The melee on the left flank turned into a 'blur', the Hellebardiers inflicted several wounds on the unit of Fell Bats but only one fell - these are though opponents! They in turn killed one Hellebardier. The Master Rune of of Stromni Redbeard gave our troops more courage to press on and the Fell Bats, sensing this, started to crumble away, leaving only one opponent for the Hellebardiers.

Turn 2 - Undead

The Dragon took into the air and started towards our line. I assume the Blood Dragon Vampire wanted to silence our Cannon but he came down again just in front of the Spear Company on our left flank, he misjudged the distance. The rest of the Undead Horde advanced further unto us.

Suddenly the 'Dark Hand of Death' was cast, my fellow wizard was not able to dispel it and one Spearman succumbed to the spell. Then the Necromancer tried to speed up the Black Knights with Vanhel's Totentanz, but I managed to snatch the magical energies from the Necromancers grasp.

In the melee on our right flank, the lonely Fell Bat endured another wound, caused none in return and vanished. A cheer went up from the Hellebardiers!


Our left flank was exposed to the terror the Zombie Dragon caused but the unit leaders calmed down the troops and our line held. However, without the mighty Battle standard I think things may have looked different.

Turn 3
Turn 3 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

The Hellebardiers on our right flank, carried forward by their success, charged into the Banshee, the Spearmen on the left mustered all their brave and charged into the Zombie Dragon.

I cast the Pit of Shadows again at the Black Knights but they managed to avoid the gap in the earth. My Amber colleague tried to cast a Mitternachtspelz on the Spearmen looked in combat but failed.

The Master gunner took careful aim, he did not wanted to miss again. The great roar of the shot was followed by a crack and the Black Coach lay shattered on the ground, the horses and the rider all re-killed.

The Black Knights were hit over and over again, from crossbow bolts, lead bullets and from the Hellblaster Volley Gun whose deadly cannonade certainly caused the most damage. All in all 17 Black Knight s fell!

The Hellebardiers on the right flank were unable to wound their etheral foe but outnumbered the banshee thus driving it away.


The Spearmen on the left flank had a bad time against the Zombie Dragon and its rider, they did not manage to cause any harm neither to mount nor the Vampire in turn two of their own died. Feeling safe in their numbers and with the encouraging Army Standard near they kept on fighting. Caused by this enthusiasm the Vampire lost of the Power allowing him to dwell in the world of the living.

Turn 3 - Undead

The undead finally were in charge range. The Ghouls fell upon the Longbeards the Black Knights charging into the ranks of Red Company's Spearmen. The Detachment of Hand Gunners opened up fire on the chargers, killing three. The remaining Knights failed to wound a single Spearman, one of their ranks was killed in return and because of the pressure of the onrushing Spearmen all the Knights succumbed to dust. I found myself in a sea of cheering troops and could not help but to join them.

One of the poor Longbeards was victim of a poisoned attack from the Ghouls, the revenge of his comrades was terrible, they wiped out the unit to the last one after chasing them around the field.


The Blue Company on the left flank suffered 7 dead from the Dragon and its rider and failed to wound it. Still they held their ground.

Turn 4
Turn 4 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

Now the hour of the Slayers had come. With a war cry terrible to behold they charged the Dragon. As the Undead are not renowned for their ability to experience feelings I think the war cry scared our own troops more than the enemy.


The Blue Companies Detachment of Halberdiers charged the Dragon, too, the other units moving up in support.


The Slayers experience with such great foes paid off as they hacked the Dragon from under the Vampire, leaving him alone in the fight. The Hellebardiers managed to hit the Blood Dragon but his armour deflected the hits. In return, the Vampire killed 4 more Spearmen. But the pressure from all around him was to much to bear and he finally succumbed to dust as well.


The Necromancer managed to evade the field of Battle during the fight with the Blood Dragon Vampire as no one paid him any notice. But the realm is save once more.