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Khemri/Nurgle & Empire/Dwarven | Alliances

This Fantasy game was played on 2003-03-16 at Matthias' old place using Warhammer Fantasy Battles, 6th ed.-Rules (set in ' The Old World ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.



Hello dear visitor. I, Johann the Grey, again have the pleasure to tell you another tale which had a major impact on our beloved Empire.

In my last tale I told of the destruction of the army of a Necromancer which raided the Empire. After he escaped our victorious Empire and Dwarven Alliance, as we found out later, he fled into the south to the lands of Khemri.

It was the fifth year after the time the last battle against him was fought that he returned. In the meantime he became a Liche and accumulated a vast Khemri host.

This time though he came not alone. Beside his forces of death marched the forces of decay - he allied with a with an Exalted Champion of Nurgle!

This mighty combined force marched upon the Empire. It already extinguished several smaller villages before it was met by our forces on the field of battle. To our aid the thrustworthy Dwarves came again.

Our force camped near a small village which population fled before the menace. In the distance we saw the campfires of the followers of Nurgle and besides the pitch black spots where the Undead laagered. At first light the two Armies strode towards battle...

This time unfortunately I was not able to participate in the destruction of the enemy, I was wounded in a minor skirmish the day before and was forced to the sick bed. I had my bed moved to a good vantage point to see the battle. To my dismay I was so weak that I was unable to cast any spells in support of our troops.

Order of Battle
Khemri/Nurgle   Empire/Dwarven
[ Volker/Björn ]   [ Matthias/Bernd ]


Turn 1
Turn 1 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

Our Great Cannon on our right flank opened the battle. It aimed at the skeleton regiment opposite but unfortunately the round stuck in the ground before the regiment. The Dwarf Cannon fared better and scored a hit on the skull chucker catapult. After the hit the Skull Chucker looked like it would fall apart but still remaint intact.

The Huntsmen opened up on the Skull Chucker as well. They hit the catapult as well but could not damage it. The Engineer aimed at the Exalted Champion in the Nurgle regiment but unfortunately missed him by a few inches. Grumbling he readjusted his sights.

Turn 1 - Khemri-Nurgle Alliance

Turn 1 -

The enemy surged towards our lines. Boldest, and most stupid of all, were the Gargoyles which flew directly into the sights of all our ranges weapon troops and the cannons.

The Marauder horsemen moved to chase of the Huntsmen in the woods, the Chaos Warriors hid behind the woods to evade the Hellblaster Volley Gun.

The Undead Horde slowly stumbled forward, driven by the will of their evil master.

The Skull Chucker was aimed directly in front of the Dwarf Cannon, but the shot deviated into the woods.

Turn 2
Turn 2 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

The Knights moved forward into the cover of the house so that the carrions were not able to attack them. The Captain flew in the back of the enemy formation.

The Huntsmen ran through the forest to the other side to prevent a charge from the Marauder Horsemen.

The Slayers prepared to defend the opening between the woods relentlessly, the Ranger moved into their direction through the woods to support them.

The Great Cannon once again aimed at the Liche but the shot again got stuck in the earth.

The dwarven cannon tried to complete the destruciton of the Skull Chucker but only managed to kill one of its crew. The Huntsmen scored a massive 5 hits but did not manage to wound, neither the chucker itself nor its crew.

The Hellblaster Volley Gun opened up at the Gargoyles. The Master Engineer had to prevent one Missfire but then 7 of the 8 Gargoyles were hit but due to their daemonix aura only 3 fell from the skies. The Dwarven Crossbows did not kill another one either.

Turn 2 - Khemri-Nurgle Alliance

The Gargoyles charged the Hellblaster Volley Gun. The Master Engineer took an very well aimed shot but the daemonic aura again saved the cretures.

The Undead continued their slow advance across the field. The carrions moved into the back of the Knights and readied themselves to attack the Great Cannon.

The Chaos Warriors moved into the woods, the Marauders also found their affinity for woods and moved into the other.

The Undead tried to charge their Skeletons into the Knights, as this attempt was dispelled by the runesmith the Liche tried to toast the Knoghts with a magic missile but this attempt was also dispelled.

The Skull Chucker was again directly aimed at the Cannon but due to a misshandling on behalf of the crew the skull smashed its chucker. A cheer went up from our lines.


In the melee with the Volley Gun blows were exchanged but no one fell.

Turn 3
Turn 3 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

The Knights and the Captain charged the Skeletons on our right flank but the Knights were filled with fear and the Captain found himself alone in the combat, the Longbeards joined the fray at the Volley Gun... but were full of fear as well and did not move an inch!

The Slayers reformed and built a solid wall with which they tried to block the Marauders advance. The Crossbows also wheeled to face the thread of the Marauders. The Scouts marched behind the Slayers.

The Huntsmen followed the Horsemen through the woods and trained their bows on them.

Both cannons opened up on the Skeletons in the center of the village. The Great Cannon smashed four skeletons to dust the dwarven cannon overshot the unit.

The Huntsmen shot at the Horsemen but did not manage to kill any.

The Gargoyles killed two of the crew and wounded the Master Engineer thus breaking them. While pursueing the crew the Gargoyles came into contact with the Longbeards and ended up in melee with them.

The captain and his steed killed 4 skeletons, but still the pressure was to great and he weavered and fled.

Turn 3 - Khemri-Nurgle Alliance

The carrions charged the Great Cannon, the Marauder Horsemen charged the Slayers who took the charge with a glee, readying their axes after taking a last gulp of Bugmans.

The Nurglings ran after the Scouts trying to catch up with them. The Chaos Warriors continued to hack their way through the woods.

The Liche and the Mummy tried to haul the Skeletons into melee with the Knights, but both attempts were dispelled, the second with a spellbreaking rune.

The Carrions killed one of the crew none were killed in return, the crew fled the field.

In the battle between the Gargoyles and the Longbeards resulted in one dead Dwarf and the death of the champion and three dead Gargoyles. As a result the Gargoyles vanished due to their daemonic instability.


The Marauder Horsemen killed two Dwarf, in their revenge the Dwarves cut down one of the riders.

Turn 4
Turn 4 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

The Empire Captain rallied and turned back towards the regiment of skeletons.

The Knigths overcame their fear and charged the skeletons. The Huntsmen charged into the rear of the Marauder Horsemen, forcing them to break from combat and were run down by the fine Empire Bowmen.

The Crossbows and the cannon shot at the Nurglings killing a whole bunch leaving only few.

The Knights charged home and hit nothing. In return the Undead killed none as well. But because if the sheer weight of the masses of Undead the Knights broke.

Turn 4 - Khemri-Nurgle Alliance

The Skeletons charged the fleeing Knights, chasing them from the battlefield. The other unit of skeletons charged the Captain on his pegasus which fled from the attack.

The magical attempts were all dispelled.

Turn 5
Turn 5 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

The Captain rallied, the Empire Spearmen detachment turned around to face the thread of the carrions.

On the left flank the forces deployed in a half-circle around the Chaos Warriors in the woods.

The crossbows shot at them but did not wound any.

The Captain was charged again, this time he hold his ground though.

Finally the last of our cannons was charged, this time again by the carrions.

Turn 5 - Khemri-Nurgle Alliance

The Chaos Warriors in the woods turned towards the Dwarves.

In the Magic Phase the skeletons fighting the Empire captain tried to gain an additional attack but the attempt eas displled. The other Skeletons moved magically because the Dwarf Runesmith botched the dispel attempt. Dwarves don't no notjing about magic!

The carrions killed the waterbearer the Dwarves caused a wound in rerturn. The Dwarves nevertheless fled but outran the carrions. The lost battle left every friendly unit untouched.

The skeletons caused two wounds on the Pegasus. The General killed one in return and lost the battle again and fled again, this time from the battlefield.

Turn 6
Turn 6 - Empire-Dwarven Alliance

The Cannon Crew continued fleeing.

The Longbeards and the Scouts prepared to charge the Chaos Warriors, but the Longbeards kept standing still in fear.

The Crossbows and the Huntsmen opened up on the Carrions, the Huntsmen killing one, the Dwarves onlywounding one.

In the melee the Exalted Champion was wounded twice and killed two Dwarves in return. The rest of the regient killed another 5 dwarves. This was too much for the Dwarves which fled from the Chaos Warriors. They were run down, and the Chaos Warriors charged into the Longbeards.

Turn 6 - Khemri-Nurgle Alliance

The carrions hunted down the fleeing Cannon Crew, the undead stmbled about the battlefield.

The Liche cast a magic missile on the Halberdier Detachment. The runesmith again did not manage to dispel it. Six fell dead to the ground.

The Exalted Champion challenged the Runesmith which accepted. The Runesmith sustained two wounds which he tried to save the hits a second time due to a rune of resistance but to no avail - he was unmercifully cut down.

The rest of the chaos Warriors killed another Dwarf and were left unharmed. As a result the Longbeards flew and were run down.


The remains of our forces started to withdrew while my bed was evacuated with the rest of our camp to a near castle...