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Dwarves & The Empire | The Fight for Bugmann's XXX

This Fantasy game was played on 2003-10-05 at Matthias' old place using Warhammer Fantasy Battles, 6th ed.-Rules (set in ' The Old World ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.



After the last defeat of the Empire/Dwarven alliance, the Dwarves got angry, blaming the Empire troops for the failure. Of course, our Lord Commander did not accept this insult and threw it back at the Dwarves. After a hot discussion and some drawn swords and axes I, Johann the Grey, venerable member of the Colleges of Magic Grey Magicians, managed to calm them all down again.

The next morning it turned out, that some portion of the Dwarf Forces under a captain had left the encampment, after stealing all supplies of Bugman's XXX, heading for their mountains.

Immediately, our Lord Comamnder called for his Pegasus, tracking the renegade Dwarves down. He then continued on their expected rout of travel to an Empire outpost, raising a small army there and blocked the way of the Dwarves.

When they arrived at the block, the refused to give back the stolen goods and to apologie, instead they tried to 'break through'...

The following account is what my Lord Commander told me later happended.

Order of Battle
Dwarves   The Empire
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]


Turn 1
Turn 1 - The Empire

The Pistoliers had the first move. They set out to move around the wood to be able to fall upon the Rangers from behind.

On the other side of the battlefield the Huntsmen moved around the wood into the flank of the dwarven army.

Both the General on his Pegasus as well as the Knigths rushed forward.

The cannon opened up on the Dwarves counterpart but the gunner widely overestimated the range and the cannon ball landed way behind the target.

The Handgunners tried to eliminate the threat of the flamecannon, but even with their extra strong powder charge in the first turn only one was in range but failed to cause any damage.

The pistoliers were more fortunate and killed one ranger.

Turn 1 - Dwarven

The Slayer, Longbeards and the warriors all marched forward as far as their small legs could carry them, the Rangers moved through the wood into the empire flank.

The Dwarven showed even poorer skill when it came to shooting than the Empire troops, as both the cannon and the flame cannon missfired and the Crossbowmen proved unable to do any harm to the Knights.

Turn 2
Turn 2 - The Empire

The Knigths charged into the Longbeards, thus opening the hand to hand battle of this confrontation.

The Pistoliers moved in a cirlce around the wood, while the General flew with his Pegasus right in front of the Flame Cannon.

The Huntsmen moved futher toward the Dwarven flank and let loose at the Dwarven Cannon but failed to cause any damage.

Trying to do better than last round the Commander of the Cannon Crew took extra time to calculate the powder charge and his efforts resulted in a hit dead on the enemy cannon destroying it completely and leaving a dazzled crew standing helplessly around. A cheer went up from the empire lines.

The Hellblaster Volleygun, the Handgunners and the Crossbowmen targeted the regiment of Dwarven Warriors and managed to kill 5.

The Knights did not fare well in their charge, eliminating 1 Dwarf only (Imaging you are trying to hit a drunken, very small person which is swaying all the time - the Dwarves must have consumed some of the looted Bugmans XXX!). In return, the Dwarves killed 3 Knigths.

Turn 2 - Dwarven

The Rangers continued on the flank, moving toward the Detachment of Hellebardiers, the Dwarven Warriors continued toward the wall of ranged weapon armed Empire troops on the hill.

The crossbowmen reacted to the threat of the Pegasus and its rider and turned around.

The crew of the destroyed cannon took out their swords and marched grimly toward the Huntsmen, seeking revenge for their beloved cannon.

The crew of the flame cannon tried to hit the General on his Pegasus dircetly in front of them, but their fear of the imminent danger led to a bad aim.

The Slayers joined the close combat, charging into the Knight's flank. Due to the formidable armour of the Knights, the Slayers were unable to do them any harm. The Knights managed to impale to Slayers in return but failed to do any damage to the Longbeards. But one horse managed to wound the Dwarven General!

The Dwarves took down six Knights in return, which resulted in the Knights turning and fleeing. The Dwarves pursued them but were to slow - not that anyone expected anything else...

Turn 3
Turn 3 - The Empire

The Hellebardiers charged down the hill into the Dwarven Rangers, getting suport from the Pistoliers who charged into the rear of the flankers.

The General decided to hamper the movement of the Dwarven regiments toward the unprotected right flank of the Empire, forgetting that Dwarves are not slowed down by enemies to their rear.

The regiment of spearmen moved toward the empty flank, to engage the Dwarves coming that way.

Again, the Hellblaster, the Crossbowmen and the Handgunners targeted the Dwarven Warriors, leving them with five less to move on.

In the close combat on the left Empire flank, one Dwarf and one Halberdier died.

Turn 3 - Dwarven

The Slayers and the Longbeards moved onto the hill, toward the Empire deployment zone, as did the Warriors in the center.

The flamecannon crew managed to do another missfire - perhaps to much of Bugman's XXX the night before...?

The Rangers lost another fatso before killing 4 Halberdiers and 4 Pistoliers. The remaining Pistolier fled off the field, the fleeing Halberdiers were run down by the Dwarves - they must have sliped or something, otherwise the Dwarves would not have been able to keep up the pace...

Turn 4
Turn 4 - The Empire

The handgunners and the crossbowmen wiped out the Warriors.

The Huntsmen let loose a volley of arrows, wiping out the courageous cannon crew.

The crew of the Hellblaster Volleygun produced a new record for this battle, killing 8 Longbearsd with one salvo.

The General guided his Pegasus back to the Flame Cannon, killing two of the crew and running the last fleeing one down.

The cannon on the other hand missfired again, after the Juve loader loaded the wepon with some wet powder. Under the furious insults of his commander he started cleaning the weapon.

Turn 4 - Dwarven

The Sayers and the Longbeards continued their slow advance toward the waiting Empire line, the Rangers advanced further up the hill.

The Dwarven Crossbowmen found themselves just in range of the Empire Spearmen, sniping one off the last rank.

Turn 5
Turn 5 - The Empire

The General hurried back toward his army's side of the battlefield to be able to assist in the forthcoming close combat.

The handgunners moved down the hill, in order not to get charged by Rangers from behind. The Crossbowmen reformed to be able to loose their bolts into the Rangers.

The spearmen and their Detachment moved in line with the Hellblaster Volleygun, forming a new line of battle and waiting for the advancing Dwarves.

The Hellblaster Volleygun again proved its worth, eliminating the remaining eight Longbeards and the Dwarven General.

The Cannon, this time loaded properly, let loose a grape shot at the Rangers, perforating four walking cans.

Turn 5 - Dwarven

The Slayers charged the Hellblaster but it turned out the stunties did not get far enough.

The Rangers continued their adance toward the Crossbowmen.

Two Huntsmen fell due to Dwarven bolts, causing them to flee.

Turn 6
Turn 6 - The Empire

On the right Empire flank, the Huntsmen did not rally and continued their flight.

The Handgunenrs reformed at the base of the hill, facing back towards the Rangers. The General joined the battleline of the Spearmen and the Hellblaster.

They fled back down the hill where they came from.


They fled back down the hill where they came from.

The Hellblaster Crew aimed at the Slayers but a mechanical problem rendered the gun useles. Immediately the Crew strated the neccessary repairs.

Turn 6 - Dwarven

The Rangers fled the field, before their eyes the vision of several barrels of Bugmans XXX waiting in the next valley...

The Slayers again charged the Hellblaster, this time coming forward far enough, but the Crew denied them battle, fleeing away from them.

The Crossbowen managed to kill another two Spearmen.

Turn 7
Turn 7 - The Empire

Both the crew of the Hellblaster Volleygun as well as the Huntsmen rallied.

The Spearmen and their Detachment charged the Slayers, the General and his Pegasus supporting them from the other flank.

The Cannon aimed at the Dwarven Crossbowmen, but another load of wet powder let to another missfire. After this battel, someone needs a new job...

In the melee three Slayers died in return for three halberdiers.

Turn 7 - Dwarven

Another 4 Slayers died, taking only half that number with them. The survivors of the Dwarven Force gave up, sat down and called for more beer.


Victory Points
Dwarfs Bernd 82.5
The Empire Matthias 1.232,5