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* | Cryx & Protectorate of Menoth | Basic Battle

This Fantasy game was played on 2010-07-07 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.



This was our second ever Warmachine game directly played after the first. We played it over the same battlefield, from the same sides.

Order of Battle
Cryx   Protectorate of Menoth
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]
Warwith Deneghra -5   High Exemplar Kreoss -5
Slayer 6   Crusader 6
Defiler 5   Repenter 4
Deathripper 4   Revenger 6
Deathripper 4    



Bernd used a slightly different deployment.


I learned from my defeat in the first game, and was determined to shelter my Warcaster.


Battlefield view after deployment.


[Cryx Turn 1]

Bernd again ran every model forward on the first turn.


[Protectorate Turn 1]

I allocated one focus point on my Revenger, and ran him forward too. Kreoss then cast Defender's Ward on him, and then channeld through his Arc Node Cleansing Fire onto the Slayer. 'What, that spell has Power 14?!' *tickingoffdamageboxes*


[Cryx Turn 2]

Both the Slayer and one Deathripper moved into the wood, while the Defiler and the other Deathripper advanced into the field.

Crippling Grasp went up through the Arc Node of the Deathripper on the Revenger. Thinking of the previous game where he needed two attempts to cast that spell, Bernd boosted the magical attack roll, and it worked on the first attempt.

He then added insult to injury and put Parasite on the poor Revenger as well. Due to effects of Crippling Grasp, the DEF was reduced, and Parasite worked as well.

Then he noticed his error: Although he boosted the magical attack, and both spells then went through, he did forget to allocate focus to the Defiler. Wen he shot his Sludge Cannon on the Revenger, he missed! With a boosted attack roll he would almost certainly have hit and caused a lot of damage (after all, ARM was at -5!) to the 'jack. Lucky him!


[Protectorate Turn 2]

Kreoss cast Purification, thus removing all upkeep spells in his control area. This relieved the Revenger of the effects of Crippling Grasp, but also removed the effects of Defender's Ward.

The Revenger then charged the Defiler, attacked (boosted) roll and nearly destroyed it with his Halberd (auto boost through the charge). The shield unfortunately missed.

The Crusader moved into position to attack the Slayer on the next turn.

The Repenter moved forward, and flamed the Defiler in the field, damaging it and leaving him burning.

Kreoss moved to the left, to prevent getting charged by a ghostwalking Slayer again, like in the first game.


[Protectorate Turn 2]

Concentrated Menite 'jack power... Bernd: 'That does look pretty grim for me...'


[Cryx Turn 3]

Again, Bernd caught me offguard. He dropped three focus on the Deathripper. Then he cast Parasite through him on Kreoss, reducing his armour.

The Deathripper then moved into melee range and attacked with boosted damage. As this attack hit, all subsequent attacks this round hit automatically due to his Mandible special rules. With two focus left, this was more than enough to kill Kreoss - again. He even had one focus remaining...


[Cryx Turn 3]

Kreoss dead.


  • Protectorate of Menoth (Matthias)

    The game was a blast, again. And it showed, that what they write in the rules is true: aggressive play gets rewarded.

    The Slayer did not get any focus in the last turn. In case Kreoss survived, he would have been able to attack my Revenger or Crusader, although without focus this would not have been too bad. In return, my three 'jacks would have easily ripped the Slayer and the already damaged Deathripper apart.

    Everything looked very much in my favour. I also already did damage through Cleansing Fire, and nearly chopped the Defiler in half.

    Then Bernd attacked with the Deathripper and everything went south...

    Even the tiny Bonejacks can be a real menace with three focus. My plan of shielding Kreoss from the Slayer worked, but I also have to take care of the Bonejacks in the next game.

    We will definitely expand our forces and play a lot more games. We aim for 20 point forces next, and will play the next week again. This time I hopefully will also win a game for a change...