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14 pts | Cryx & Protectorate of Menoth | Convergence

This Fantasy game was played on 2010-07-20 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.



This time we gave Convergence from the 2010 Steamroller Rules a try.

In Llael, a farmer had to cross an area of stray boulders each day to get from his farmstead to his fields. One morning, he found a huge Menofix there, which had not been there the day before when he returned from his work. No one could have carried all those stones there or broken them from the boulders and built the Menofix in one night! Also, the Menofix glowed lightly red. When the startled farmer walked up to it, a pleasant heat could be felt. The stones glowed from underneath and felt warm to the touch. No mortal is able to create something like that!

The farmer immediately reported that finding to his Menite priest, and within a few days it was known throughput the region: this was a miracle done by the Creator! The place was declared holy.

While many faithful Menites came to see the miracle and pray there, other beings were also drawn to the place, who certainly did not want to worship there... The Harbinger had a vision of a Cryx battlegroup coming to this place and doing terrible things there. When she reported her vision, she had tears in her eyes but would not give any detail of the atrocities to be committed.

Kreoss summoned the forces immediately available and rushed to the holy place to defend it against the Cryx.

Order of Battle
Cryx   Protectorate of Menoth
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]
Warwith Deneghra -5   High Exemplar Kreoss -5
Slayer 6   Crusader 6
Defiler 5   Repenter 4
Deathripper 4   Revenger 6
Deathripper 4    
    Choir of Menoth 3



The battlefield, with the holy place (the control zone) in the center.


The deployment of both forces.


[Cryx Turn 1]

Deneghra allocated each of her 'jacks a Focus, and each model ran forward.


[Protectorate Turn 1]

Kreoss allocated only one Focus to the Revenger, the rest he kept for himself.

The Revenger ran forward into the Control Zone, while all other models moved forward at their base speed. The Choir sang the Hym of Shielding unto the Crusader.

Kreoss then channeled boosted Immolation twice through the Revenger on the forward Deathripper, causing 13 points of damage, crippling the Cortex and the Head (which contains the only weapon of the Deathripper), and causing a continuous fire effect.


[Cryx Turn 2]

The Deathripper suffered more damage from the continuous fire effect. He then moved forward.

Deneghra moved into the control zone and popped her feat.

The Slayer then charged the Revenger and crippled the Revenger's Repulsor Shield, Arc Node and Movement with his combo attack and an additional attack allowed by Focus.

Finally the Defiler moved forward and Sludge Cannoned the Repenter, causing 6 damage with a boosted roll. This left the Repenter with a corosion continuous effect.


[Protectorate Turn 2]

The corrosion continuous effect on the Repenter expired. Kreoss allocated all Focus to himself.

The Choir intoned the hymn of Battle to allow the Crusader to negate the effects of Deneghra's feat. The Crusader then advanced the 2" still available to him and punched the Deathripper for 6 points of damage.

The Revenger attacked the Slayer but missed with his attacks.

The Repenter moved forward and bathed the Deathripper and the Slayer with Menoth's Fury, but due to Deneghra's feat he missed both.

Kreoss then moved into melee range with the Deathripper in front of the Crusader, and attacked twice with both attack and damage rolls boosted. This was to much of a beating and the Deathripper became a dented and smoking wreck.


[Cryx Turn 3]

The second Deathripper in the control zone finally succumbed to the fire continous effect.

Deneghra allocated three focus on the Slayer and the rest unto herself. She then moved forward to gain LOS to Kreoss and cast Crippling Grasp on him.


[Cryx Turn 3]

The Slayer then tried to walk up to Kreoss and assassinate him, exposing himself to a free strike from the Revenger, which missed by one! Luckily for Kreoss, the distance was to great for the Slayer, which attacked the Crusader in frustration with his Combo Strike and two more attacks allowed by focus


[Cryx Turn 3]

After this onslaught, the Crusader is badly mauled.


[Cryx Turn 3]

The Defiler then moved in and shot his Sludge Cannon on two members of the Choir (killing one), the Crusader (causing a corrosion continuous effect and more damage) and Kreoss (inflicting 7 points of damage and a corrosion continuous effect).


[Protectorate Turn 3]

Both Kreoss and the Crusader suffered a point of damage from the corrosion continuous effect.

Kreoss then allocated the Revenger three focus and divided the rest between the Crusader and the Repenter. Then he popped his feat and attacked the Slayer for some points of damage.

The Revenger then moved towards Deneghra and killed her with 2 additional attacks.


[Protectorate Turn 2]

Dead Deneghra.


  • Protectorate of Menoth (Matthias)

    Had the Cryx gamble in the last turn worked, with the Slayer reaching Kreoss, they would have won. But how it went, Deneghra was left very vulnerable and paid for it.