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Delaque & Envoys of Purgatory (Redemption) | Gangfight

This SiFi game was played on 2010-10-28 at Ste's place using Necromunda-Rules (set in ' The Underhive ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.


Order of Battle
Delaque   Envoys of Purgatory (Redemption)
[ Ste ]   [ Matthias ]


  • Envoys of Purgatory - Pre Battle

The Deployment of Ste's Delaques.


Opposite, my Redemption deployment.


Overview of the Battlefield.


The Redemptionist Deacon Furfur took aim with his grenade launcher, and the grenade arced their way on top of the opposite building. One Delaque ganger was knocked down, their marksman was pinned. Unfortunately I rolled a 6 to hit, which meant I fired my last grenade.


Both sides then advanced, the Redemption on both flanks with Brother Melathiel (Richard's former Cawdor ganger) holding the middle.

The Delaques also held the center, while advancing on their left flank, all being above ground. One single Delaque advanced over the middle walkway (in the above picture barely visible behind the center tower).


The cheeky Delaque in the middle soon felt like a bullet magnet, as three Redemptionist Brethren opened fire on him and knocked him down.


The Redemptionists on the left flank were taken under fire as well. In the gunfight, the Delague marksman (on the walkway) also used up his last round, but the heavy had anough bullets, knocking down one Brethren and pinning the other.


As the Delaques on their left flank all went into overwatch, the Redemptionist group veered towards the middle, also opening fire on the Delaques there. This knocked down another Delaque Ganger, and they failed their bottle test.

Hail the holy course of the Redemption!


Here you can see Brother Furfur hiding behind the building, frantically searching his pockets for more grenades. He didn't even notice that the fight was over...


The Delaques had one KIA.

I got several advances, and found the following items on the Outlaw Trading Post:

  • Special Rumour

  • Bottle of Wildsnake (15)

  • Ratskin Map

  • Icrotic Slime

  • Icrotic Slime

My gangers bought the Bottle of Wildsnake without my permission, in the rest I was not interested.

  • Envoys of Purgatory - Post Battle