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Delaque & Envoys of Purgatory (Redemption) | Gangfight

This SiFi game was played on 2010-10-28 at Ste's place using Necromunda-Rules (set in ' The Underhive ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.


Order of Battle
Delaque   Envoys of Purgatory (Redemption)
[ Ste ]   [ Matthias ]


  • Envoys of Purgatory - Pre Battle

The Redemptionist's deployment was basically the same as in the first game, only some Brethren changed places. The Delaques this time deployed a 'ground force' of three gangers on their right flank, the rest again deployedabove ground.


Furfur again managed to hit with his again last grenade on his first turn. He definitely needs to check his supplies before a fight...


Furfur was in return knocked down by the Delaque Heavy Stubber fire. The Redemption surged forward, while the Delaques again took up their firing positions - cowardly pack! Only the 'ground force' (here hidden behind the left middle building) advanced.


My Redemptionist Brethren who was up on the first floor on my right flank managed to pin a Delaque, before being knocked down by their marksman.


My last attempt was to storm the first floor, after the Delaque 'ground force' knocked down my Novice on the left flank (it is a bit of overkill to shoot a Novice with two plasma pistols on max power, isn't it?). But the shotgun only pinned the Delaque ganger before the marksman knocked down another Brethren.

I thought it was time to head home...

The Redemption will return to purge those Delaque Heretics!


This time Brother Cambiel bit the dust.

I got several advances, and found the following items on the Outlaw Trading Post:

  • Weapon Reload

  • Weapon Reload

  • Special: Gamble and Loose (11)

After loosing money while gambling I did not want to spend any money on the Weapon Reloads.

  • Envoys of Purgatory - Post Battle