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14 pts | Circle Orboros & Cygnar | Convergence (SR2010)

This Fantasy game was played on 2010-12-14 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.


Order of Battle
Circle Orboros   Cygnar
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]
Kaya the Moonhunter -3   General Adept Nemo -6
Laris free   Firefly 5
Pureblood Warpwolf 9   Firefly 5
Feral Warpwolf 9   Charger 4
    Charger 4
    Stormsmith Starmcaller 1
    Stormsmith Starmcaller 1
    Stormsmith Starmcaller 1



Battle field and deployment.


Circle deployment.


Cygnar Deployment.


[Cygnar Turn 1]

Nemo allocated 2 Focus to each Firefly and kept 3 himself.

Both Fireflies advanced forward on their flank, and targeted one of the Warpwolves each. The Pureblood was hit with both boosted attack and damage rolls, and suffered 1 point of damage. The Feral was missed.

All three Stormsmiths ran forward to get into position for Stormcalls.

Nemo moved forward behind the large boulder and cast Energizer with three Focus, all four of his 'jacks moved 3" forward.


[Circle Turn 1]

Kaya popped her feat, cast Shadow Pack, advanced and cast Forced evolution on the Feral.

The Feral warped Speed, and declared a charge against the Firefly. Due to the angle he had to move from behind his boulder, and the rule that a charge has to be done in a straight line, he could not move into melee range with the Cygnar light, although he came far enough. Frustrated, he was placed back in fornt of Kaya because of her feat.

The Pureblood on the other flank warped Ghostly and declared a charge against the other Firefly. He had no problems with the direction, but with the distance: the charge fell short by 4mm. As frustrated as the Feral, he was placed in front of Kaya after getting riled for 4 Fury.

Laris ran into the shrubbery and also got riled.


[Cygnar Turn 2]

Nemo kept 2 Focus, allocated 1 to the Firefly on the left flank and 2 to each Charger. He then cast Energizer again to move his 'jacks 2" forward.

The Firefly on the left flank then flanked the Circle battlegroup and came up behind Kaya, engaging her.

The Stormcaller on the right flank moved forward, and initated a triangulation Stormcall with the Firefly behind Kaya and the Stormcaller in the middle. He dealt 7 damage to Kayaand 6 to the Feral, missing the Pureblood.

The Stormcaller in the center also initiated a triangulation Stormcall with the Firefly behind Kaya and the Stormcaller on the right flank. He dealt 1 damage to Kaya and 7 damage to the Feral, not being able to wound the Pureblood.

The Stormcaller on the left flank then initiated the third triangulation Stomcall with the Firefly and his colleague in the center, but was only able to target the Feral whom he hit but did not wound.

Both chargers then moved forward to get into the 5" range of Stealth, and fired at the Pureblood, each with a fully boosted first and an unboosted second shot. They dealt 3, 9 and 5 damage to the beast.

Finally, the Firefly on the right flank moved forward and shot at Laris, but missed him.


[Circle Turn 2]

Kaya leached all Fury from her beasts. She dropped Shadow Pack but upkept Forced Evolution.

The Feral warped Speed, moved forward between the two Chargers and was able to engage both. He bit the left one for 7 damage, missed with his first claw, but hit with the second for 5 points of damage. He was then forced for an additional attack which caused 11 damage, crippling every system except the left arm. With the second forced attack, he wrecked the Cygnar light 'jack. He was forced two times more, this time to attack the second Charger, who suffered 9 and 10 points of damage and a crippled Cortex.


[Circle Turn 2]

Laris charged the Charger as well, but missed with both a boosted attack roll and a forced additional attack.

The Pureblood got forced to Regenarate, healing 3 points and uncrippled his Mind aspect. He warped Strength and charged the Firefly on the right flank, causing 11 damage and 12 damage (boosted). As the Firefly was not destryoed, he was forced for an additional attack with a boosted hit roll and another Cygnar 'jack was gone.

Kaya advanced, the free strike from the Firefly behind her missing, and killed the Stormsmith in the center with a boosted Muzzle spell.


[Cygnar Turn 3]

Nemo kept all Focus.

The Stormsmith on the right flank advanced and trid another triangulation, but his counterpart on the left flank was out of reach by 1". His colleague on the left flank advanced into reach, and dealt 2 damage to Kaya, 4 damage to the Feral (crippling his Mind aspect) and 3 damage on Laris.

Nemo moved out of his hiding place, cast Energizer with 3 Focus to advance even further and fired a Galvanic Bolt on Kaya, but missed her. He then cast Polarity Shield on himself and popped his feat.


[Cygnar Turn 3]

With the Focus gained from Nemo's Feat, the Firefly moved up to Kaya and head-butted her with a boosted to hit roll. This caused 2 damage which Kaya transferred to the Feral. As the head butt power attack knocked her down, the second attack of the Firefly hit automatically and caused 6 damage, which were also transferred to the Feral (leaving him with 3 unmarked damage boxes).


[Circle Turn 3]

Kaya leached two Fury from Laris, four from the Pureblood, skaked her Knock Down and did not upkeep her spell.

The Feral passed his Threshold Check.

The Pureblood warped Strength and moved up to the Charger, the Free Strike of the Storm Smith missing him. He missed with his Claw, the second hit and destroyed the last Charger with a boosted damage roll.

Now disengaged, Laris ran and engaged Nemo.

Kaya advanced towards Nemo as well, prevented from charging by Polarity Shield, and also escaped the free strike against her unharmed.She attacked Nemo, boosted the damage roll and got an additional die as Laris flank attacked Nemo and caused 12 damage. She attacked again with another 4 damage dice and caused 4 points of damage, which were enough to kill Nemo.


  • Circle of Oboros (Bernd)

    After my first turn, Matthias said: "Bernd, I think that was your worst turn of Warmachine / Hordes ever!"€ And I said: "Yes, I think you're right."€ This sums up my first turn pretty good. I achieved nothing and lost my feat. At least I had a model inside the mission objective.

    In Matthias following turn I experienced the power of the storm firsthand. And I realized another big mistake. After a couple of triangulations and lots of damage, it dawned upon me that my initial deployment was pretty horrible. I should have gone to one flank and roll that flank up, maybe even forfeiting a victory point. Then I should have advanced towards the center, and thus giving my opponent no chance to move behind my army.

    But not everything went wrong. At least none of my models died and on my following turn it was time to show those Cygnarians the true power of the Wilderness. This turn my goal was to take the mission objective and earn a victory point, thus forcing the Cygnarians in the Circle. I didn't achieve it, but as I destroyed the majority of Matthias' army, he had no choice but to play his Warcaster offensively.

    As he failed to assassinate Kaya there was nothing left to stand between me and victory.

    The lesson I learned this game is to keep Kaya's battlegroup close together. The Warpwolf benefits from the Pureblood. Kaya benefits from Laris. On top of that, Kaya has a very short spell range. Next time I will try to play them as they are meant: A pack of nasty wolves! :D

  • Cygnar (Matthias)

    Bernd played crap. His first two turns were just not good. Nevertheless, I failed to capitalize on it. I just was not able to affect any of his beasts due to that Stelath thing ... I kept achieving nothing and Bernd turned his gameplay to the better so I lost...