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15 pts | Circle Orboros & Protectorate of Menoth | Basic Battle

This Fantasy game was played on 2011-03-26 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.


Order of Battle
Circle Orboros   Protectorate of Menoth
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]
Kaya the Moonhunter -3   Grand Exemplar Kreoss -6
Laris free   Crusader 6
Warp Wolf Stalker 10    
Gorax 4    
Argus 4    
    Knights Exemplar Bastions, min 5
    Knights Exemplar 5
    Knights Exemplar Seneschal 3
    Reclaimer 2



Battlefield Overview


Circle Deployment


Protectorate Deployment


[Turn 1]

Kaya cast Shadow Pack to stealth her battlegroup, then she cast Forced Evolution on the Argus. All models advanced as far as possible. The Beasts riled enough Fury for Kaya to be able to leach 6 Fury in her next turn.

Kreoss allocated one Focus to the Crusader. All models except Kreoss ran forward, Kreoss advanced and cast Invioable Resolve on the Bastions.


[Circle Turn 2]

Kaya leached all the available Fury and upkept her two spells.

Laris advanced and got riled for one Fury. The Stalker moved forward about .125", he definitely wanted to remain outside the Bastions charge range, and got riled for one Fury as well.

Kaya channeled Dog Pile onto the Bastions with a boosted to hit roll.

The Gorax and the Argus both advanced and got riled for Fury.


[Protectorate Turn 2]

Kreoss allocated the Crusader one Focus and upkept the spell on the Bastions.

Everything ran.


[Circle Turn 3]

Kaya leached all the available Fury, she then let Dog Pile on the Bastions expire, but Forced Evolution and Shadow Pack were upkept.

Kaya popped her Feat and cast a boosted Muzzle on the Knights Exemplar which hit. She boosted the damage roll as well and killed one unfortunate Knight. Then she cowardly moved backwards.

The Gorax advanced and killed two Knights Exemplar, the Argus then killed two more.

The Warpwolf Stalker warped Strenght, slightly advanced and missed a Bastion with his claw. With the sword he hit and caused 3, 2, 6, 0 (missed) and 10 damage points. The Bastions, through their Bond of Brotherhood, evenly distributed the damage between them. Laris then also attacked: miss, 4 dam (killed one Bastion), miss.

All 'beasts where then teleported back to Kayas position.


[Protectorate Turn 3]

Kreoss upkept his spell and all models ran forward, pursuing the followers of the Devourer Wyrm.


[Circle Turn 4]

After Kaya leached Fury from her 'beasts, Laris still had some left and needed to make a Threshold Check, which he passed. Kaya then upkept her spells. She then proceeded to cast the Animus Lightning Strike on the Stalker. She cast Muzzle on the Bastions and killed one of the two remaining. Then she again moved backwards.

The Argus advanced and attacked the Seneshal. The first attack missed, the second hit and with a boosted damage roll killed the Seneshal.

The Gorax went on a flanking move.


[Protectorate Turn 4]

Kreoss did not upkeep his spell and camped on Focus.

The last Bastion charged the Warp Wolf Stalker and caused 9 points of damage. Kreoss popped his Feat and also charged the Heavy 'beast, killing it with his armour piercing attack.

The last Knight Exemplar charged the Gorax and dealt 17 points of damage ( auto-hit because of Kreoss' Feat, boosted roll because of charge, 4th damage die because of Weapon Master). With the second attack allowed by Kreoss' Feat, he dealt another 12 points of damage, killing the Gorax. Kaya reaped his Fury.

The Reclaimer joined in the fray and charged the Argus. He dealt 5 points of damage with his charge attack. The free attack from the Feat caused another 6 points with a boosted damage roll. He then used up his remaining soul tokens for two boosted additional attacks which caused 2 and 7 points of damage, which exactly reduced the Argus to 0 damage points - kill.


[End of Turn 4]


[Circle Turn 5]

Kaya let all her upkeep spells expire. Laris charged Kreoss, boosted the hit roll and then the damage roll for 2 points of damage. He was forced for an additional attack which hit but did not wound.

Kaya also charged Kreoss. She boosted her charge to hit and damage roll which caused 3 points of damage (Kreoss had 7 Focus on him, boosting his ARM to 23!).

Kaya bought an additional attack which missed.

Kaya bought an additional attack which hit, but the damage roll equaled the ARM.

Kaya bought an additional attack which missed.

Kaya bought an additional attack which hit but did not wound.


[Protectorate Turn 5]

Kreoss kept all his Focus.

The problem for Kreoss was the fact that Kaya got a bonus to her ARM through her ability Unyielding, and a bonus to her DEF through Laris' ability Guard Dog. Hitting a DEF 18 model isn't funny...

The Bastion attacked Laris but missed. The Knight Exemplar ran over and engaged Kaya's rear.

Kreoss had to solve the situation by himself. First, he attacked Laris with Smite, which did 9 damage and could potentially slam Laris outside the 3" around Kaya, which would remove the DEF bonus from Guard Dog. The slam distance roll came up a 1... but as models are knocked down by slams, and Guard Dog does not apply when Laris is knocked down, Kayas DEF was back to 16.

Kreoss then spent Focus for an additional attack and caused 7 points of damage on Kaya.

Kreoss then spent Focus for an additional attack and caused 14 points of damage on Kaya - win!


  • Bernd (Circle)

    I think I start to get grip of the fury mechanic (in my games before, I always forgot to rile...), as well as of Kaya's feat. On my feat turn, I managed to get all my models in position for an attack and used the feat to bring my models back to safety.

    But in the end, I made a big blunder by leaving the Stalker in the charge range of some of Matthias' models. Same goes for the Gorax, who was 0.5" too close to the enemy. What was even worse is that I could have measured the ranges, because Kaya was standing directly behind the Stalker. But well, you learn by making mistakes.

    Because neither of us had any shooting, this game was a pure close combat massacre and was a lot of fun to play. Congratulation to Matthias!

  • Matthias (Protectorate)

    Warmachine is such a great game! After the 3rd Circle turn I was sure I had lost the game. Nearly all of my infantry was gone and the Circle troops had moved back, bringing them out of my threat range. All I could do was to follow them and await their next assault.

    Placing the Exemplar Seneshal in front of my troops prevented Bernd from killing any other model after he did him in, as that would have revived him. On my Feat turn everything changed. I killed all his beasts except Laris und suddenly everything looked good for me. And I managed that with my very depleated forces!

    Kaya's attack on Kreoss was Bernd's last chance to win, but against ARM 23 she did not really have any chance.

    But still the game did not loose its tension: With her special abilities Kaya stood sorrounded, but with DEF 18! The 'Laris Situation' first needed to be solved for me to stand any chance to win! Luckily I managed that with my Smite attack.

    All in all another very enthralling game!

    It was also a game of firsts for me: The first game with eKreoss, the first game with Bastions, the first game with the Seneshal.

    The Bastions are great. With their medium bases they can block LOS to small based models, and with 8 damage points each and their ability to distribute damage between all models of the unit, they can soak up a tremendous amount of damage! And when you get them to charge they are devastating!

    The Seneshal unfortunately did not see any action except being attacked and killed.

    eKreoss is very different from pKross. While I used pKreoss mainly in a supporting role, keeping him away from the front as much as possible, I played eKreoss much more offensively. With his focus piled up on him, he is ver tough, and he is much more capable of melee combat. And his Feat is really great for turns in which many of your models can reach the enemy. It does not have a defensive capability like the Knock-Down Feat of pKreoss (which helps in our turn but also hampers the enemy in his next turn), but its offensive capabilities are so much greater!