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21 pts | Cryx & Khador | Incursion (SR2010)

This Fantasy game was played on 2011-04-02 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Bernd.


Order of Battle
Cryx   Khador
[ Matthias ]   [ Matthias ]
pDeneghra -5   pSorscha -5
Deathjack 12     ⇒  War Dog 1
Deathripper 4   Beast 09 11
    Spriggan 10
Mechanithralls 3   Winterguard Field Gun 2
  ⇒  Brute Thrall UA 1    
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders 6    
    Josef Gregorovic 2



Table Overview


Cryxian Deployment. Note: The Slayer is played as the Deathjack.


Khador Deployment


Cryx Turn 1 The Deathripper receives one Focus. Everything runs. The Deathjack manages to make contact with the objective in the middle.


Khador Turn 1 The Spriggan gets 2 Focus. Josef uses his "For the Motherland" speach on the Field Gun. He shoots at the Deathjack but deals no damage.

The Field Gun manages a critical hit against the Deathjack, knocking him down and dealing 2 damage.

Beast 09 runs. Sorscha advances, casts Razorwind at the Deathjack for a further 4 damage.

The Spriggan advances, shoots at the Mechanithralls twice, hits once and kills 2 of 'em.


End of Turn 1 The objective on the right side vanishes!


Cryx Turn 2 The Deathjack is allocated 2 Focus and shakes its knockdown.

The Deathripper advances in base contact with the objective on the left.

Deneghra advances, pops her feat, and channels Venom through her Arcnode, buts its half an inch too short.


Cryx Turn 2 The Deathjack charges Beast09 and kills it.

One Mechanithrall charges the War Dog and finishes it off. This was important, because the War Dog was within 4" of the objective. Now that he is gone and the Mechanithralls are in contact with the objective in the middle, Cryx receives 2 Victory Points.


Khador Turn 2 Things look grim for Khador. In order not to lose this turn, Khador needs to deny Cryx to score any further points.

Sorscha keeps her Focus and advances. She pops her feat and all models except 4 Ghost Raiders are within distance and LOS. Then, she shoots at a Mechanithrall being in B2B with an objective with her handcannon, killing it. Last but not least, she casts "Freezing Grip" at the Ghost Raiders.

Josef uses his speach "For the Motherland". Together with the Field Gun, they manage to kill the Brute Thrall. Thus, the objective in the middle is cleared.

The Spriggan advances, but doesn't make it into the 4" zone of the objective on the left. The only chance to stay in play would be to kill the Deathripper who holds this objective. The Spriggan shoots twice at the Deathripper for 6 damage in total.

Cryx received their third Victory Point and thus they won the game!


  • Bernd (Cryx) This was the first time we tried the szenario "Incursion" and it was a lot of fun. The Deathjack was really awesome. Due to its Advance Deployment he was able to reach one objective in my first turn. While you can't score before turn 2, i was still able to build some pressure because Matthias knew that I would score if he didn't manage to get close to the objectives.

    But the forces of Khador were a little bit slow and combined with Deneghra's feat they really had a hard time reaching any objectives.

    After having played with Circle a couple of games, its really nice to have a model as durable as the Deathjack in your army. I think i'll have to buy it some time...

  • Matthias (Khador)

    Really good scenario. I should have ran with the Spriggan on my first turn instead of shooting with his grenades. That would probably have brought him within the 4" of the objective on my second turn. With the ranged attacks he was not able to destroy the Deathripper, unfortunately.

    Beast 09... he stood no chance against the charge from that cryxian abomination... poor thing.

    I am looking forward to playing this scenario again.