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15 pts | Circle Orboros & Protectorate of Menoth | Close Quarters (SR2011)

This Fantasy game was played on 2011-06-25 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.


Order of Battle
Circle Orboros   Protectorate of Menoth
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]
pKaya +6   Grand Exemplar Kreoss +6
Warpwolf Stalker 10   Repenter 4
Argus 4   Crusader 6
Gorax 4    
    Knights Exemplar 5
Reeve Hunter 2   Knights Exemplar Seneschal 3
War Wolf 1   Reclaimer 2
    Vassal Mechanik 1




The dark green circles are the control zones. Each battle group had to seize and hold the zone in the opponents half while at the same time prevent the zone in the own half to fall into enemy hands.


[Circle Turn 1]

Everything ran.


[Protectorate Turn 1]

Kreoss dropped Sacrosanct in the Exemplar Knights, the rest ran forward.


[Circle & Protectorate Turn 2]

The Circle troops all advanced. The Stalker charged, killed two Exemplar Knights and damaged the Crusader, before being brought back by Kaya with Spirit Door.

In the Protectorate turn, the Repenter moved forward and killed the Reeve Hunter with boosted hit and damage rolls. The Gorax was also hit and wounded, but survived - although he was burning. The Mechanic rapaired some of the damage done to the Crusader.


[Circle Turn 3]

The Stalker killed another Exemplar Knight before being called byk by Spirit Door. The War Wolf ran around the cottage on a flanking manouevre, while the Gorax used his animus and wrecked the Repenter.


[Protectorate Turn 3]

All models ran forward to engage the Circle models.


[Circle Turn 4]

The Gorax automatically frenzied due to his animus and charged the War Wolf, killing him.


[Circle Turn 4]

Two more Knights diedm and the Crusader was badly damaged, crippling both his arms.


[Protectorate Turn 4]

The Knight Exemplar Seneschal tried to slam the Stalker into the Gorax, thus knocking both models down. He is able to slam through his Chain Attack: Smite, he only needs to hit with both his initial attacks - which against a 6 should be easy. Of course he missed with one...

The Reclaimer charged the Stalker and delat quite some damage. The mechanic uncrippled the arm systems of the Crusader, who then killed the Stalker and also wounded the Argus.


[Circle Turn 5]

The Argus tried to bring the Crusader down, but left him with 7 damage boxes. Kaya killed the Seneschal with Spirit Fang


[Protectorate Turn 5]

The Crusader was again repaired and killed the Argus.


[Circle Turn 6]

The Gorax charged the Crusader and caused a lot of damage, but also was not able to bring the Protectorate heavy down. Kaya cast Spirit Fang again, this time killing the mechanic.


[Protectorate Turn 6]

Kreoss feated, then charged the Gorax whom he easily killed. The Crusader then engaged Kaya, but was not able to hit her with his crippled right arm. The Reclaimer finally charged and killed Kaya.


  • Bernd (Circle Oboros)

  • Matthias (Protectorate of Menoth)

    Our tactics were quite similar, we both advanced over the object we had to defend towards the objective we had to secure. Also, we both sent out a flanking force.

    In the end, I played more aggressively and it paid off.

    Without the mechanik, the Crusader wold have been lost, so the mechanic played a big role. Unfortunately Bernd noticed this as well and killed him.

    I had some luck on my left flank. After my Repenter was destroyed, Bernd misplaced the War Wolf and made him the only choice when the Gorax frenzied. This certainly saved me some trouble. But this situation is another entry in my ongoing log of the uselessness of the War Wolf with which I can make fun of Bernd :-)