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15 pts | Circle Orboros & Khador | Killbox (SR2011)

This Fantasy game was played on 2011-08-01 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.

See also Bernd's YouTube channel: TalesFromUrcaen.


Order of Battle
Circle Orboros   Khador
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]
pKaya -6   pSorscha -5
Warp Wolf Stalker 10   *Beast 09 11
Pureblood 9   *Juggernaut 7
Shifting Stones 2    
    Manhunter 2



[Battlefield and Deployment]


[Circle Turn 1]

The Stalker warped Strength and ran. The Pureblood warped Spell Ward and ran forward as well. The Stones teleported and Kaya discarded two Fury and ran as well.


[Khador Turn 1]

Both 'jacks ran forward while Sorscha advanced and cast Fog of War. The Manhunter advanced on the khadoran left flank.


[Circle Turn 2]

The Stones shifted into the wood. Warping Prowl, the Stalker ran into the woods as well, as did the Pureblood after he warped spell ward.

Kaya followed behind her battlegroup and remained just outside the wood. She protected herself ba casting Occultation.


[Khador Turn 2]

Sorscha upkept Fog of War and allocated 1 point of Focus to each of her Warjacks. She then shot at a Shifting Stone, boosted the damage roll, but still only caused four points of damage. This left the Stone 'living' with just one health point. Sorscha then moved forward with Windrush.

The Juggernaut charged the Shifiting Stone and finished what Sorscha had started.

Beast 09 ran forward. The Manhunter ran forward as well, positioning himself in front of the Stalker to prevent him charing in his turn.


[Circle Turn 3]

The Pureblood warped Strenght and moved forward before he cast his Animus Wrath Bane on himself. He then attempted to double-hand throwed the Juggernaut onto Sorscha. He hit the 'jack and won the strength contest. He then boosted the hit roll but failed by 1, missing Sorscha. But as the deviation only was 1", Sorscha was still hit and KD. The Juggernaut suffered two points of damage, while Sorscha suffered five points of damage.

The Stalker warped Strenght and easily murdered the Manhunter.

The Shifting Stones slightly repositioned.

Finally, Kaya moved forward and killed Sorscha with two Spirit Fangs.


[End of Battle]


  • Bernd (Circle)

    This game was over pretty fast, and the only model that died was the enemy Warcaster.

    At first my plan was to get the alpha strike and to take out one of his Warjacks by attacking it with both my beasts. That’s why I positioned them close to each other in the forest, but far enough back from the enemy so that I wouldn't receive the charge.

    But then Björn moved Sorscha very close the front line and I couldn't resist in trying to assassinate her. My attempt to hit Sorscha with the throw failed, but I had luck with the deviation and thus it was easy to spellsnipe her.

  • Björn (Khador)

    Sometimes you lose, sometimes the enemy wins. This battle both did happen.

    My warjacks could not establish a plan, that had forced circle to react.

    Circle gained advantage in position and without destroying one of the stones, the battle would have been decided early, so I tried to do something with Sorscha. As the ongoing battle showed, this was too risky and I had to pay for it.