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25 pts | Circle Orboros & Legion of Everblight & Protectorate of Menoth | King of the Ziggurat

This Fantasy game was played on 2012-03-31 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.


Order of Battle
Circle Orboros   Legion of Everblight   Protectorate of Menoth
[ Bernd ]   [ Björn ]   [ Matthias ]
Kromac the Ravenous -4   Thagrosh -5   Grand Exemplar Kreoss -6
Warpwolf Stalker 10   Carnivean 11   Castigator 8
Argus 4   Angelius 9   Reckoner 8
Gorax 4   Shredder 2    
    Shredder 2    
    Shredder 2    
    Shredder 2    
Tharn Bloodtracker 5       Knights Exemplar 5
  ⇒  Nuala the Huntress 2       Knights Exemplar Bastions, min 5
Shifting Stones 2       Choir of Menoth, min 2
Druid Wilder 2   Forsaken 2   Knight Exemplar Seneshal 3





[Circle Turn 1]

Kromak cast ‹ Wild Agression › on the Stalker, ‹ Inviorable Resolve › on the Bloodtrackers and ‹ Warpath › . The Stalker warped ‹ Strength › , ran forward and got riled for two. All other models ran forward.


[Legion Turn 1]

The Carnivean ran, got riled and used ‹ Spiny Growth › . The Shredders also ran forward, two were blessed with ‹ Tenacity › . The Angelius advanced. Finally, Thagrosh cast ‹ Fog of War › and advanced.


[Protectorate Turn 1]

Both 'jacks received one Fury, then all models ran forward, while Kreoss advanced more slowly, casting ‹ Inviorable Resolve › on the Bastions.


[Circle Turn 2]

The Bloodtrackers caused six points of damage on the Bastions and killed one member of the Choir. The rest stormed the Ziggurat scoring a VP.


[Legion Turn 2]

Thagrosh upkept ‹ Fog of War › . The Carnivean advanced and used his ‹ Dragon Breath › . With both boosted hit and damage rolls, the Gorax suffered 7 points of damage. The Shifting Stone hit was killed with another boosted damage roll.


[Legion Turn 2]

The Forsaken collected Fury off the 'beasts while the Shredders positioned themselves to intercept enemies trying to harm their larger fellow spawns.

Thagrosh advanced and cast ‹ Draconic Blessing › on the Carnivean.

The Angelius advanced and used his ‹ Flame Jet › on the Seneshall. He hit him with a boosted roll, but caused no damage although the damage roll was boosted as well.


[Protectorate Turn 2]

Kreoss allocated two Focus on the Reckoner. The Castigator advanced and used his ‹ Combustion › special attack with which he killed two Bloodtrackers. The Reckoner advanced and shot at the Argus but missed him with a boosted to hit roll.

The Exemplar Bastions charged the Bloodtrackers, only one was able to get in contact and missed, though.

The Exemplar Knights charged the Shredders and piled up with two Knights on each of the two Shredders in front of them. Each Shredder was missed once, hit once and killed by the hitting attack.


[Circle Turn 3]

The Bloodtrackers moved out of hand to hand combat, the one free strike on them missed.

The Stalker charged a Shredder and killed him. Due to ‹ Warpath › the Gorax repositioned. The Stalker then killed a second Shredder, which again triggered ‹ Warpath › and allowed the Stalker to move backwards. He then used ‹ Lightning Strike › to move back to his starting position.

The Gorax slammed the Carnivean. But even with a boosted hit and damage roll, the Canivean did not suffer any damage and was slammed 0.5" only.

Finally, Kromac cast ‹ Bestial › .


[Legion Turn 3]

The Carnivean attempted a double hand throw on the Gorax. He hit with a boosted roll and threw the Circle light Warbeast 6" off the Ziggurat. With a boosted damage roll he dealt 6 points of damage. Next, the knocked down Gorax was charged by the Forsaken. The charge attack caused 7 points of damage and crippled the Spirit aspect. With an additional boosted attack the light Warbeast went limb.

The Angelius advanced slightly and attacked the Knights Exemplar. With an boosted hit roll, he killed one of the Knights. With additional 3 attacks, three more Knights died.

Thagrosh advanced as well, and sprayed the Seneshal with a fully boosted attack, causing 4 points of damage.

Legion scored a victory point.


[Protectorate Turn 3]

The Exemplar Bastions advanced and killed a Shifting Stone.

One Exemplar charged the Angelius but missed. The other surviving Exemplar killed a second Shifting Stone, openening a path for the Reckoner.

The Castigator charged the Stalker, dealing 8 and 12 points of damage, crippling the Staller's Mind aspect. He also left the 'beast burning.

The Reckoner charged the Argus, and dealt 10 and 9 points of damage with the charge (cannon and club) which crippled the Spirit and Mind aspect of the light 'beast.

The Exemplar Seneschal charged Thagrosh. He dealt 10 points of damage which were transfered on the Angelius (crippling his Mind) and another 5 points of damage which were also transfered to the Angelius. Hitting with both initial attacks triggered ‹ Smite › for anther 5 points of damage which were transfered to the Angelius, again.


[Circle Turn 4]

Kromac feated, cutting himself for 6 points of damage to gain Fury. He used 2 Fury to upkeep spells. The Fire continuous effect on the Stalker expired.

Spending 3 points of Fury, Kromac healed damaged aspects on both the Stalker and the Argus.

The Druid Wilder then cast ‹ Lightning Strike › on the on the Stalker. The Stalker warped ‹ Strength › , and started to pound on the Castigator. After 6 attacks, the Warjack was left with one mere damage point in his grid.

The Bloodtrackers continued the work of the Stalker, and charged the Castigator as well as the Bastions. They missed the Castigator, but killed one of the Bastions. Using ‹ Quick Work › , they shot into melee, killing one of their own!

The Argus advanced around the Reckoner, and also piled up on the Castigator which he wrecked with a boosted combo attack.

Legion scored.


[Legion Turn 4]

The Angelius killed the Exemplar courageously engaging it. The Carnivean moved and used his ‹ Dragon Breath › on the Reckoner with a fully boosted attack, causing 7 points of damage.

The Seneshal also was at the receiving end of a fully boosted attack, which he did not survive.

Legion scored again.


[Protectorate Turn 4]

Kreoss Feated and charged the Carnivean, leaving the 'beast badly wounded. The remaining Bastion joined the fight and killed the dragon spawn. The Choir then moved to block attack lanes on Kreoss as best as possible, one even suicidally engaging the Angelius.

The last surviving Exemplar Knight killed the Argus, his Strength empowered by his rage over his comrade's deaths.

The Reckoner then advanced and finished off the Stalker.

This meant the first VP for the Protectorate's forces.


[Circle Turn 5]

The Bloodtrackers charged the Bastion, but those able to contact him were not able to wound him. Kromac and the Druid Wilder advanced.

Protectorate scored another VP.


[Legion Turn 5]

The Forsaken charged the Druid Wilder and killed her with a fully boosted attack.

Thagrosh advanced, healed Body and Mind of the Angelius. He then killed one Chorister with his ‹ Blighted Breath › , before he feated to bring back the Carnivean.

The Angelius ‹ Repulsed › the member of the choir engaging him, and charged Kreoss. With a boosted to hit roll and ‹ Armour piercing › , Kreoss was eliminated.

Legion scored again.


[Protectorate Turn 5]

Eliminated from game.

[Circle Turn 5]

The Bloodtracker ‹ Preyed › the Carnivean.

Kromac changed to Beast Form, advacned 6" and then jumped forward another 5" to engage the Angelius. With his 3rd attack, Spirit and Mind of the Legion flyer went down, with the fourth attack he killed the Angelius. He finished his turn by casting ‹ Inviolable Resolve › on himself.

The Bloodtracker advanced and threw their Javelins on the Carnivean. They dealt 5, 2, 4 and 6 points of damage on him, which left the dragon spawn with 12 points of damage.

Definitely enough to score another point and win the game for the glorious Legion of Everblight!


  • Bernd (Circle Oboros)

    Those matches with three players are always a little bit chaotic and you really don't know which opponent to attack. The most important piece in my army was the Stalker, and as he got down my chances were pretty low as well. In the end I at least managed to survive longer than Matthias. ;o)

    Good game and hopefully I'll have a chance to fight against Björn again soon, as my record is now 0:2 against him... *grrr*

  • Björn (Legion)

    Fielding Legion for the first time on the Ziggurat scenario, I felt like being the underdog and did not expect a win to happen. But what seemed a disadvantage at first sight turned out to be a favor, as the enemy forces sometimes underestimated the power of blight.

    Tactics went fine - the Angelius was the right choice against Protectorate and the Carnivean was the perfect fit, to hold off Circle and their raging creatures.

    Especially Thagrosh featuring the double Carnivean secured a win which will not be easy to repeat. Both enemies know by now, what to expect when Legion accedes to the Ziggurat.

  • Matthias (Protectorate)

    In this game happened excactly what I wanted to prevent - I got between the two other forces. But the way the game unfolded and my models were positioned I had no other chance.

    But at least I managed to slay the most expensive 'beasts from both opponents :-)