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Round Two: Circle & Legion - Close Quarters

This report was written by Matthias.





[Circle Turn 1]

Baldur cast ‹ Solid Ground › and charged the Angelius, all other models ran/shifted forwards.


[Legion Turn 1]

Two Shredders used the ‹ Rabid › ability and ran up the Legion's right flank into cover of a boulder.

The other two Shredders used ‹ Rabid › and ‹ Tenacity › on themselves and moved forwards.

Thargosh cast ‹ Fog of War › and advanced.

The Angelius advanced and cast Spiny Growth on the Wyrd but missed.


[Circle Turn 2]

Baldur upkept ‹ Solid Ground › .

The Woldstalkers moved further towards the left Circle flank to get clear LOS on one of the Shredders hiding behind the boulder there. One Shredder got its Mind crippled, the other as well a second later. The last Woldstalker damaged a Shredder in front of the cottage. The Druid then used ‹ Zephyr › to move the Woldstalkers 3" back.

The wold Wyrd advanced and also targeted a Shredder in front of the cottage to whom he dealt 3 points of damage. He then was forced for an additional attack with a boosted hit roll and caused another 7 points of damage, which crippled the Body aspect.

The Wold Warden advanced and was forced to cast ‹ Earth Spikes › on a Shredder. The template missed and deviated harmlessly though.

The Wold Guardian advanced.

Baldur advanced on the left flank and cast ‹ Stone Skin › on the Wold Guardian. He did not forget himself and cast the Guardian's animus ‹ Flesh on Clay › on himself, then popped his Feat.


[Legion Turn 2]

Thagrosh upkept Fog of War. The flanking Shredders both needed to test for Frenty, both past.

They immediately moved to engage the Woldstalkers, one Shredder missed, the other killed his adversary.

The two center Shredders again used ‹ Rabid › and ‹ Tenacity › and advanced. They got bogged down by Baldur's Feat though.

The Carnivean sprayed the Wold Wyrd with a fully boosted attack. He caused 13 points of damage and crippled the Mind aspect.

The Angelius charged the Wold Wyrd with a boosted to hit roll and killed the Circle 'beast with massive 20 damage points. Baldur reaved the Fury. The Angelius then performed an additional attack on the Wold Warden, and dealt 6 points of damage with a boosted damage roll.

The Forsaken took the Fury from the Carnivean.

Thagrosh advanced and cast ‹ Spiny Growth › on himself.


[Circle Turn 3]

The Shifitng Stones used ‹ Serenity › and removed Fury from the Wold Guardian. Baldur upkept ‹ Stone Skin › .

The Woldstalkers advanced. The engaged one received two free strikes, the second of which killed him. The Druid then used his secial action ‹ Concentrated Fire › , but all Woldstalkers missed.

The Wold Guardian was placed in base to base contact with the Carnivean by the Shifting Stones. The first attack missed, the second hit and caused 3 points of damage. In return, the Guardian suffers 2 points of damage due to ‹ Spiny Growth › . The Carnivean though is knocked down. The Guardian is forced for an additional attack (7 damage, 1 in return), a third attack (8 damage, 2 in return) and a fourth attack (5 damage, 1 in return).

The Wold Worden closed the gap to the Angelius, and hit with a boosted attack roll, but caused no damage. The second initial attack also hit boosted, and caused 5 points of damage. This triggers ‹ Chain Attack › which is a miss though, although the attack roll was boosted.

Baldur advanced and cast ‹ Earth Spikes › on a Shredder. He missed, and the template deviated harmlessly.


[Legion Turn 3]

The first Shredder failed his Threshold check and attacked a Woldstalker but missed him. The second Shredder failed as well and attacked the first Shredder, but also missed. The 3rd Shredder also failed his Frenzy test, performed a back strike attack on a Woldstalker and killed him. The fourth Shredder continued in the line of failed Frenzy checks, charged the third Shredder with a back strike bonus and left him with one health point.

This turn being a Frenzy feast, also the Carnivean failed his Frenzy check, attacked the Wold Guardian and caused 5 points of damage.

The Forsaken advanced and cast ‹ Blight Shroud › . He hit the Wold Warden (6 damage), Wold Guardian (9 damage which crippled the Mind aspect) and a Shifting Stone (0 damage).

The Angelius hit the Warden with his armour piercing attack causing 11 points of damage and crippling the Spirit and Mind aspects. He was forced for an additional attack and a boosted damage roll (6 damage) and a third attack with an unboosted damage roll (6 damage), which left a profusly bleeding Cirlce 'beast with only two health points.

Thagrosh cast Spiny Growth on the Carnivean again. He then advanced and used his ‹ Blighted Breath › on the Warden, also hitting the Angelius. With a fully boosted roll the Circle beast succumbed to his grievious wounds. Baldur did not reave the Fury. On the Angelius, Thagrosh caused 1 point of damage.

Thagrosh then finished the turn by healing 3 points of damage on the Carnivean's aspects.


[Circle Turn 4]

Baldur leached 3 Fury from the Guardian and cut himself for 2 more. He discarded Stone Skin.

Baldur advanced and engaged a Shredder. He healed the Guardian for 6 points of damage and then missed the Shredder in melee.

The Druid advanced and attacked Thagrosh with ‹ Rock Hammer › , but the template missed and deviated harmlessly.

The Guardian then charged Thagrosh, the free strike on him from the Carnivean caused 6 points of damage and left him with 1 health point in his Mind aspect, nearly crippling it. The first initial attack was boosted, knocked Thagrosh down and caused 7 points of damage. The second initial attack hit and caused 8 points of damage. A forced additional attack caused 5 points of damage. Thagrosh passed this on to a Shredder who was killed, but still sufferd 2 points himself. With a second additional attack, he suffered 4 more points of damage, which passed on completely to another Shredder. This left Thagrosh with one health point.

The Woldstalkers moved to protect Baldur, one got killed by a freestrike.


[Legion Turn 4]

The Shredder engaged by Baldur attacked him but missed.

A second Shredder also attacked Baldur but missed as well.

The Angelius advanced towards Baldur and attacked him with his armour piercing attack - with a boosted damage roll this was enough to send Baldur to Urcaen.


  • Bernd (Circle of Oboros)

    This game didn't really go well for me. The first mistake was that I moved my Woldshrimps too far to the front. They had to fight against a couple of shredders who also had cover one turn. This was a very bad matchup. I should have left them more in the backfield behind the wall in order to protect my left flank.

    In the center my Woldwyrd was way to far to the front. He should have never been charged by the Angelius.

    The next turn I should have focused on one warbeast instead of splitting my attacks on several beasts and in the end not achieving anything at all.

    Björn really deserved this win as he outplayed me despite him being the "newbie".

  • Björn (Legion of Everblight)

    Besides some collateral damage caused by frenzied Shredders for instance, everything went fine in this battle. Although Circle tried everything to get Thagrosh down just before being ripped apart by the Angelius, it was not as close as the one remaining health point leads one to assume. Thagrosh would have been able to transfer another two attacks to either the Carnivean or Shredders but there was no need to. This time Thagrosh did not even needed to use his feat. As Legion now features a flawless record against Circle it is obvious that I will be facing a Anti-Legion-List next time. But Blight will show no fear.