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Round Three: Protectorate & Legion - Close Quarters

This report was written by Matthias.





[Legion Deployment]


[Protectorare Deployment]


[Protectorate Turn 1]

Kreoss allocated 1 Focus to each Warjack. All models except Kreoss ran, he advanced and cast ‹ Lamentation › .


[Legion Turn 1]

The Shredders ran. Due to the Forsaken being too near and an ‹ Abomination › , the Shepherd needed to test for terror. He passed his test.

The Carnivean advanced and used ‹ Spiny Growth › on himself.

The Forsaken advanced and ‹ Consumed Fury › (3) from the Carnivean.

Lylyth ran and discarded 5 Fury.


[Protectorate Turn 2]

The Vanquisher received 1 Focus. The two Revengers advanced, the Vanquisher ran. The Vassal blessed him with ‹ Enliven › . The Choir advanced and sang the ‹ Hymn of Passage › on all three 'jacks.

Juviah Roven and his bodyguards ran.

Kreoss took one point of Fury from a Wrack, which did not explode. He then arc noded ‹ Cleansing Fire › on a Shredder (7 damage, 6 blast damage on an adjacent Shredder) and channeled another ‹ Cleansing Fire › on the next Shredder in line (5 damage and 1 blast damage). This left 4 Shredders burning.


[Legion Turn 2]

The raging fire dealt 7 points of damage on one Shredder and killed another Shredder, two fires extinguished without doing any further harm.

The Shepherd healed one Shredder for 3.

The Angelius charged the Revenger beside the wall. His charge attack hit boosted, did 14 points of damage ( ‹ Armour Piercing › ) and crippled the left arm, thus negating the Shield. The second fully boosted attack caused another 4 points of damage and crippled the Movement.

A Shredder with ‹ Rabid › charged the Revenger as well and destroyed the Arc Node as well as crippled the right arm with two attacks.

A second Shredder (also in ‹ Rabid › -mode) charged in, and wrecked the Protectorate light 'jack. With a second attack he dealt 3 points of damage to the Vanquisher. This triggered ‹ Enliven › and the heavy moved backwards out of harms reach.

The last Shredder advanced with ‹ Rabid › and ‹ Tenacity › .

The Carnivean advanced and ‹ Dragon Breath › ed the second Revenger. He boosted both the hit and the damage roll and caused 3 points. Additionally, one Chorister behing the Revenger was killed as well.

The Forsaken advanced and took the Fury from one of the Shredders.

Lylyth advanced and took cover behind a boulder.


[Legion Turn 2]

Positions at the end of Legion Turn 2.


[Protectorate Turn 3]

Kreoss did not upkeep ‹ Lamentation › . The Vanquisher received 1 Focus, the Revenger 2.

The Revenger advanced and killed a Shredder with a fully boosted attack.

The Vanquisher advanced and fired his Flame Belcher on the Shredder between the Angelius and another Shredder. He hit with a boosted roll and dealt 4 points of damage on the Shredder. The second received 4 points blast damage. The Angelius escaped unharmed.

The Vassal triggered an ‹ Ancillary Attack › which the Revenger aimed at the same target, but which missed. No one was hit by the deviating template.

The Visgoth ordered a charge. Cassian charged one of the Shredders and killed it. Rhoven himself charged the Angelius but missed him. Gius hit the Angelius and delat 9 points of damage.

The Choir ran and repositioned to block charges on Kreoss.

Kreoss again took a Focus from a Wrack (which did not explode), and channeled ‹ Cleansing Fire › on the Carnivean which caused 3 points of damage. He then cast ‹ Immolation › (also through the Revengers Arc Node) on the Shepherd and killed him.


[Legion Turn 3 & Protctorate Turn 4]

The rightous fires of Menoth consumed another Shredder. The Carnivean frenzied and killed the Forsaken.

Lylyth shot at the Exemplar engaging the Angelius. She missed him, and killed the Visgoth instead.

The Angelius then killed Lylyth's target in melee with boosted rolls.


The Revenger received 3 Focus, the Vanquisher 1.

The Revenger charged the Angelius, and hit him with a boosted attack roll. The auto-boosted damamge roll (charge attack) caused 4 points of damage. An additional attack caused 7 points of damage.

Kreoss took another Focus from the Wracks (still they did not explode) and cast Immomation on the Carnvivean for 9 points of damage.

The Choir again positioned to block the space around Kreoss and sang the ‹ Hymn of Battle › on the Vanquisher.

The Vanquisher then protectively advanced in front of Kreoss and fired on the Carnivean with a boosted to hit roll for 9 points of damage. The ‹ Ancillary Attack › then granted by the Vassal added another 4 points of damage. And the Carnivean burned.


[Legion Turn 4]

The Angelius hit the Revenger with a fully boosted attack for 15 points of damage, and followed up with a second attack (boosted to hit) with 4 points of damage.

Lylyth moved up, Feated and killed the Revenger with two well placed shots. She then healed the Carnivean for 2.

The Carnivean then advanced towards the Vanquisher and started a brutal flurry of attacks, which left the Menoth heavy with only two damage points.


[Legion Turn 4 & Protectorate Turn 5]

End of Legion turn 4 overview.


The Battle Mechanik repaired 1 point of damage from the Vanquisher.

Kreoss then popped his Feat, took another additional Fury from a Wrack (without destroying it), and advanced towards Lylyth.

He then cast Immolation three times on her, killing her with the last.


  • Björn (Legion of Everblight)

    This time tactics turned out to be not as good as supposed. Lylyth was too far away from battle to make an impact at the right time. Also she was not well protetced enough. But there were also positive aspects, as the damage between both forces was split even which resulted in a win for the better one in this battle, and for the lucky one in the whole tournament. Although Protectorate would not have made the first place even it would have killed the whole Legion army before trying to get rid of Lylyth.

  • Matthias (Protectorate of Menoth)

    This game went similar to plan. I was able able to keep my troops tight to provide mutual support. Björn spreading his forces cetainly helped me in this. I should have used my Feat a turn earlier, but luckily nothing bad resulted from this lapse.