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35 pts | Cygnar & Protectorate of Menoth | Basic Battle

This Fantasy game was played on 2012-09-28 at Tobi's place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.


Order of Battle
Cygnar   Protectorate of Menoth
[ Dirk ]   [ Matthias ]
Captain Victoria Haley -5   Grand Exemplar Kreoss -6
Stormwall 19   Reckoner 8
    Castigator 8
    Revenger 6
Field Mechaniks, max 3   Exemplar Bastions, max 8
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages 6   Choir of Menoth, max 3
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters, min 7    
Gorman Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist 2   Knights Exemplar Seneshal 3
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator 1   Vassal Mechanik 1
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord 2   Vassal of Menoth 2
    Paladin of the Order of the Wall 2





[Protectorate of Menoth Turn 1]

Kreoss allocated a Focus to each 'jack. All models ran forward, except the Choir. His members adcanced and sang the hymn of ‹ Passage › on the heavy Warjacks.


[Cygnar Turn 1]

The Nyss advanced towards the wood and CRAed the Revenger, causing 6 points of damage.

The Gun Mages advanced and also picked the Revenger as their target, using ‹ Snipe › . They hit five times but only caused 1 point of damage.

Rhupert followed behind the Gun Mages and played the tune ‹ Dirge of Mists › for the Gun Mages.

In the center, the Stormwall advanced. He tried to fire his Metal Storms on the Choir but was out of reach. One of his Big Guns targeted the Bastion on the edge of the wood. A boosted attack roll and a damage roll later, the Bastions brotherly suffered 11 points of damage among them. The other Big Gun accomplished what the chain guns did not and killed one Chorister.

Gorman advanced and threw a smoke bomb.

The Mechaniks and Haley advanced in the shadow of Stormwall, Haley casting ‹ Temporal Barrier › .


[Protectorate of Menoth Turn 2]

The Revenger was allocated one Focus, Kreoss kept the rest.

The Revenger used its allocated Focus to charge the Nyss, and killed one

Kreoss advanced, and channeled ‹ Cleansing Fire › through the Revenger's arc node on the Gun Mages. The blast killed four, and the Gun Mages did not pass their morale check. Carvallo was also in the blast and received a boosted damage roll, but still he did not suffer any harm.

The Bastions advanced further into the wood to deny it to the Nyss.

The heavy 'jacks moved backwards out of Stormwalls charge range. The choir and solos took cover behind them, the Choir again shielding them from ranged weapons with the hymn of ‹ Passage › .


[Cygnar Turn 2 & Menoth Turn 3]

The Nyss moved backwards, risking two free strikes from the Revenger, and suffered 2 fallen. They passed their morale check, and took their revenge on the Revenger with a CRA, hit him but did not cause any damage.

The Stormwall advanced and placed a Lightning Pod in the wood, hitting two Bastions with the lightning between him and the pod. They suffered 0 and 5 damage. He then shot on the Revenger with the 1st Metal Storm (3 attacks): hit, boosted damage roll, 5 damage; hit, boosted damage roll, 6 damage (Arc Node and Cortex crippled); miss. He then shot on the Revenger with the 2nd Metal Storm (2 attacks): hit, boosted damage roll, 0 damage (triple 1); hit, 0 damage (snake eyes). Both Big Guns also fired on the Revenger, the first missed, the second hit and caused 7 points of damage, crippling the right arm.

The Mechaniks and Haley again moved behing the Stormwall, and Haley also again cast ‹ Temporal Barrier › .

Gorman threw ‹ Black Oil › but missed. His mercenary colleague piped ‹ Heroic Call › for the Gun Mages.

The Gun Mages advanced and fired twice on the Revenger, for one miss and a hit with 0 damage.


The Reckoner reveived two focus points.

The Paladin advanced and used his ‹ Stone-and-Mortar Stance › . Kreoss also buffed him with ‹ Inviolable Resolve › .

The Reckoner missed the Stormwall with a boosted to hit roll from the Condemner. With the unboosted attack granted by ‹ Ancillary Attack › from the Vassal caused 1 point of damage and left the collossal burning.

The Choir again protected the Reckoner and Castigator with ‹ Passage › .

The Revenger moved back behind the wood and the Vassal Mechanik ran in B-to-B contact, in order to start badly needed repairs next turn. The Bastions moved backwards to cover the light 'jack.


[Cygnar Turn 3]

The fire continous effect on the Stormwall caused 3 points of damage.

Gorman advanced and threw ‹ Black Oil › on the Reckoner but missed.

The Stormwall charged a Bastion. With a boosted to hit roll and the auto-boost due to the charge he caused 11 points of damage which was again distributed among the Bastions. The ‹ Electro Leap › on Kreoss did not cause any damage. The second initial attack on the Bastion caused 9 points of damage which killed the Exemplar. The Lighting on Kreoss again caused no damage. With an additional attack, the Stormwall attacked Kreoss directly but this was again a miss.

Haley advanced and cast ‹ Chain Lightning › on the Stormwall, which was immune to its effect. It arched to the Paladin (0 damage) and to the Reckoner (0 damage). The Mechaniks again moved up to the Stonewall.

The Nyss advanced and shot on the Paladin, hit him but caused 0 damage.

The Piper of Ord advanced and played ‹ Dirge of Mist › on Haley.

The Gun Mages ran.


[Protectorate of Menoth Turn 4]

Kreoss allocated 3 Focus to both the Reckoner and to the Castigator. He then used his ‹ Pierce › attack on the Stormwall and dealt 14 points of damage. His free additional Feat attack dealt 3 points of damage with a boosted damage roll.

The Paladin adanced to make room for more Protectorate models, moving along the base of Stormwall. Unfortunately I did not pay attention and moved him outside the front arc - the free strike killed him (stupid me).

Next, the Reckoner advanced in base to base contact with the Stormwall and caused 4, 9, 3, 3 and 9 points of damage.

The Castigator joined the fray and charged the Stormwall, causing 10 and 4 points of damage with his inital attacks - which wrecked the colossal; leaving a free Feat attack and 2 points of Fury unused.

The Choristers charged Gorman and caused 3 points of damage.

The Vassal advanced and used ‹ Enliven › on the Castigar.

The Exemplar Seneshal advanced and wrecked the Lighting Pod.

The Vassal Mechanik worked on the Revenger, but only managed to repair a single point of damage, but at least the Cortex was functional again.

The Bastions ran forward through the wood.


[Cygnar Turn 4]

The Mechaniks moved and lost three of their number to free strikes of the Bastions. Reinholdt granted ‹ Reload › to Haley.

Haley moved and popped her Feat. She targeted Kreoss with a boosted to hit roll but missed. Her free Feat attack was delivered fully boosted and caused 6 points of damage. The ‹ Reload › attack was boosted but missed. Finally, she cast ‹ Arcane Bolt › with a boosted attack roll on Kreoss but missed again.

The Nyss CRAed Kreoss, getting the aiming bonus for remaining stationary, but missed by one. The additional Feat CRA hit and caused 8 points of damage.

The Gun Mages also moved to attack Kreoss, but only one managed to draw LOS. He used ‹ Critical Brutal Damage › but missed with both his inital and his Feat attack.

Di Wulfe disengaged from the melee to throw something nice in Kreoss direction, but was killed by the Free Strike from the Chorister.


[Protectorate of Menoth Turn 5]

Kreoss again allocated 3 Focus to each heavy 'jack.

The Bastions charged and killed 1 Gun Mage, Cylena Raefyll and 1 Mechanik.

Kreoss ‹ Smite › ed a Gun Mage into Haley with a boosted to hit roll, knocking her down (thus negating her high DEF).

The Castigator advanced accepting a free strike (2 points of damage) and used his ‹ Combustion › attack. The Piper went up in flames, as well as a Nyss and 3 Bastions. Haley suffered 12 points of damage and Kreoss (which was just inside the Combustion range by 2mm) 1 point of damage.

Finally, the Reckoner ‹ Assault › ed the knocked down Haley, and shot her dead before being able to engage her in H-to-H combat.


  • Dirk (Cygnar)

  • Matthias (Protectorate of Menoth)

    In contrast to the first game of the evening (same opponent, same forces), this game was very interesting.

    In the early turns, ‹ Passage › and just enough distance between the Heavy Menoth Warjacks (and the infantry hiding directly behind them) and Stormwall prevented the Colossol to use his ranged weaponry. At the same time, ‹ Temporal Barrier › prevented the Menoth troops to engage the Cygnar Colossal; they could have advanced without attacking, being susceptible to a charge by Stormwall.

    I toyed with the idea to try an assassination run on Haley in turn 2: Instead of withdrawing, the Reckoner could have advanced to the front and left in front of the wood to get LOS to Haley, and then attack her with a fully boosted attack (being supported by ‹ Battle › from the Choir). This should have hit and could have left Haley burning. A second shot could have been taken with ‹ Ancillary Attack › (unboosted but still under the effect of ‹ Battle › ). If this had hit, it should have been enough to kill Haley; even if not, the burning continuous effect could have ended the game... after pondering this approach, I decided it contained to much shoulds and coulds...

    Concerning the stalement on my left flank, I had the advantage that on the right flank I was more successful, pressing the Cygnaran troops, which finally let to Dirk's charge with the Stormwall on my right flank. The Revenger and the arc noded spells through him really hurt the Nyss and the Gun Mages. Dirk placed the models really bunched up, which helped me. If the stalement on the left would have continued, the repaired Revenger would have reemerged from behind the wood and continued his arc noding.

    We finished the game at around 3.15 AM, this early hour is my excuse for all my lapses, especially in the last turn. The loss of the Paladin was totally unneccessary - if I had stopped him in the front arc of the Stormwall, everthing would have been fine.

    The more serious error I did was the ‹ Combustion › attack from the Castigator. It did hurt the Cygnarans well enough, I just did not spent any thought on the fact, that the attack is indiscriminate. This cost me 3 Bastions and with a higher damage roll also my caster! Luckily, Kreoss survived with a couple of points... this would have been my first own goal concerning caster kills...

    All in all this was a fun, intense and thrilling game!