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Squat Sapper Squad
Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad Squat Sapper Squad
For the younger ones among us, Squats were Dwarves in Space (as they were actually initially called) during the Roque Trader era which were unfortunately dropped by GW.

I used models from Olleys Armies for the squats. What I did not like about them were the weapons, especially the diversity they come equipped with. I wanted the squad to be armed with the same weapons plus a support weapon. I was looking for replacements that looked like a bolt gun, and settled for Hasslefree's V.E.R.A. I chopped away the old wepons, glued the bolt guns in place and then did some minor sculpting where neccessary. The shotgun/grenade launcher I left in place, but replaced the barrel by a plastic rod and added a foregrip.

When it came to painting, I first consulted the original texts introducing the Squats in the Warhammer 40,000 universe concerning my colour choice:

White Dwarf Compendium 1989, p. 172

Squats prefer muted colours reminiscent of the rocks and sands of their Home Worlds: browns, greys and green are popular in varying shades and mixtures, as are black, white and deep red - it is common for seams and piping to be picked out in a contrasting colour.

With the models I have only consisting of helmet, beard and coat, the coat colour would be the main colour seen when looking at the models. I decided for a flat brown.

This squad is a sapper squad, trained by the Guild (allowing me to use their hammer symbol on the shoulder pads) on placing charges and blowing things up (as shown by the stylised explosing upon the front of their helmets and repeated below the hammer on their shoulder pad). The backpacks contain mainly exlosives and detonators. Due to their special training they also have access to more unusual weapons in the form of bolt guns, as

White Dwarf Compendium 1989, p. 172

Brotherhood troops are generally armed with lasguns[...]

The Guild symbol and a squad number I painted freehand on the shoulder pads.

Tags: 28mm , Olleys Armies Miniatures , Warhammer 40,000 , SiFi

Painted: 2015-02-26 - 2015-03-12