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On some small unknown planet, an Imperial recon group detected Chaos activity.

As there was conciderable Chaos presence, the small team withdrew an reported its findings.

A platoon of Imperial Guard Infantry was closest to the planet, and was send there to investigate the cause for the Chaosians to be there.

At the same time, Space Marines from the Dark Angel and the Space Wolves Chapter were called to the scene, but it was unsure when they would arrive due to some warp storms.

The platoon landed on a clearing and moved cautiously into the direction of the reported Chaos positions.

Soon they discovered an abandoned [choose a terrain piece]. After they moved on, they came into contact with a small group of Chaos Space Marines. Immediately, Chaos reinforcements began to arrive, forcing the platoon back.

When they reached the abandoned [choose a terrain piece], the Lieutnant decided to hole up there.

The Chaos Forces sourrounded them, massing for their assault.

The Lieutnant and his men prayed for the Marines to arrive in time...

Scenario Description

A slightly battered platoon of Imerial Guard Infantry deploys in the center of the bord, in an abandoned [choose a terrain piece].

The Chaos Player deploys anywhere on the board, at least 24" away from the Imperials.

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The Chaos Force begins the game.

Beginning in the 3rd Imperial Turn, both, the Dark Angel and the Space Wolf contingent, start do dice for their arrival seperately:

Reinforcement Table
Turn Arrival on
3 6+
4 5+
5 4+
6 3+
7 automatically

When the Marines arrive, they have to dice for the table edge they arrive on. In their haste their landings were not as precise as uasual.

Victory Conditions

The Chaos player wins, if he can wipe out the Imperial platoon before the Marines arrive.

The Chaos playes scores a draw, if the Imperials are wiped out after the Marines entered the board, and either

  • more than half the points of his starting force leave the table on any edge

  • both Marine Forces lost more than half their starting points

The Imperial Player wins, if by the time both Marine Forces have entered the table more than half of his starting force in points is still on the board.

Each Marine Force wins, if they kill more points of Chaos Models than they loose.

Everything else is a draw.

Imerial Guard The Imperial Guard can spent 500 points.
Chaos Marines The Chaos Force can spent 1000 points.
Space Wolves The Space Wolves Battle Group can spent 500 points.
Dark Angels The Dark Angel Battle Group can spent 500 points.

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