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22 pts | Cryx & Cygnar | Incursion (SR2010)

This Fantasy game was played on 2011-04-02 at Matthias' place using Hordes/Warmachine-Rules (set in ' Iron Kingdoms ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Bernd.


Order of Battle
Cryx   Cygnar
[ Bernd ]   [ Matthias ]
pDeneghra -5   pNemo -6
Deathjack 12     ⇒  Squire 2
Defiler 5   Firefly 5
    Firefly 5
    Ironclad 7
Mechanithralls 3    
  ⇒  Brute Thrall UA 1    
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders 6    
    Stormsmith Stormcaller x 3 3
    Arlan Strangeways 2
      ⇒  Charger 4



Battlefield overview


Cryx deploys. Note: The Slayer is played as the Deathjack.


Cygnar deploys


Cryx Turn 1 The Defiler is allocated one Focus. Everything runs. The Deathjack makes it into contact with the objective on the right flank.


Cygnar Turn 1 Each Jack is allocated one Focus. Nemo casts "Disruption Field" on the Ironclad and "Electrify" on the Firefly.

The Firefly on the right Flank runs and manages to make contact with the objective. In the middle of table, the Ironclad runs, but doesn't make contact with the objective there.

Strangeway uses his "Powerbooster" ability on his Charger, giving him one Focus.


Cygnar Turn 1 The Charger uses its Focus to do a boosted attack and damage roll against the Deathjack, scoring three sixes an the hit. Due to being marshalled, he does a second attack, doing a total of 4 damage to the Deathjack.


End of Turn 1 The objective on the left flank vanishes.


Cryx Turn 2 The Deathjack and Defiler get 1 Focus allocated. The Defiler runs into the field in the middle of the table.

Deneghra advances a couple of inches and pops her feat. Then, she channels "Venom" through the Defiler at a Stormsmith, killing him. Afterwards she casts "Crippling Grasp" at the Ironclad.


Cryx Turn 2 The Mechanithralls charge. Two of them reach the Firefly on the left flank. One Mechanithrall and the Brute Thrall make contact with the Ironclad. Another Thrall makes contact with the Firefly on the right flank. The remaining two Thralls run in contact with the objective in the middle.

In the middle, the Thralls manage to kill the Ironclad. On the left flank, the Firefly receives 13 damage, crippling its left arm. On the right, the lone Mechanithrall manages to hit the Firefly. That hit was very important, because the Firefly was the "Electrified" one. Thus, the Mechanithrall was pushed back an inch in the process and got killed. But now that the spell expired, the way was cleared for the Deathjack.

The Deathjack attacks the Firefly in front of it and kills it with his initial attacks. Having three Focus left he tries to cast "Crippling Grasp" at the Charger, but it was too far away.

The Ghost Raiders run and try to engage some enemy models.

At the end of this turn Cryx receive 1 Victory Point from the Deathjack controlling the objective on the right flank. In the middle, Cryx are in base contact with the objective, but the Charger is still within 4" of it, so no further point for Cryx.


Cygnar Turn 2 Nemo takes one Focus from the "Arcane Accumulator" of his Squire. He keeps all of his Focus.

Arlan advances and sprays at a Mechanithrall and the Brute Thrall, killing the Mechanithrall in the process.


Cygnar Turn 2 Nemo charges a Ghost Raider and kills it. Then, he pops his feat, dealing 9 damage to the Defiler and 2 to the Deathjack, disrupting them both.

He then casts "Chain Lighning" at the Brute Thrall, dealing 6 damage to him. The lightning arcs on, killing a Mechanithrall in the process and dealing 3 damage to his Squire!

A second "Chain Lighning" kills the Brute Thrall, two Mechanithralls, one Ghost Raider and Blackbane himself. Wow! With one awesome spell, Nemo manages to clear the objective in the middle from his enemies.


Cygnar Turn 2 The Charger advances and makes contact with the objective in the middle, but receives a free strike in the process. He receives 10 damage and is on fire. But in return, he shoots at the Ghost Raider and kills it.

The Firefly on the left flank manages to kill one Mechanithrall in front of it. The other one is killed by a Stormsmith.


End of Turn 2 On the right flank the forces of Cryx are still in control of the objective. Sadly, in the middle the Defiler is within 4" of the objective and thus Cygnar get no point. Now, its two to zero for Crxy. But because Cygnar has no chance to hinder Cryx to get the third point in the next turn, the game was over.

Victory for Cryx!


  • Bernd (Cryx) This game was very similar in the outcome as the game we played before. I was lucky that the objective on the left flank got removed, because I had no troops there later.

    Other than that, I think in this scenario its an advantage to go first, because you can get Victory Points first and can build up some pressure.

    My MVP this game were the Mechanithralls and the Brute Thrall. They managed to kill the Ironclad, cripple a Firefly and hitting a second Firefly (removing the upkeep spell) in one charge.

    What was impressive on the Cygnarian side was the spell "Chain Lighning". With two of those spells, Matthias killed most of my infantry. Evil! :)

  • Matthias (Cygnar)

    As in the previous game, I received the charge instead of charging myself, which cost me the Ironclad this time.

    I was very impressed of pNemo's Feat turn though. It was not enough to win, but I pretty much cleared the center of the battle area. Chain Lighting rocks!

    Next time, Nemo will fare better!